Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mysql command..

upload table to existing database inside server ..table name is earning, database is democrm
mysql -u root -p democrm < /home/synnet/earning.sql

upload a database to target server..database name is democrm
mysql -u root -p < /home/synnet/democrm.sql

dump or backap database inside server..database name is democrm
mysqldump -u root -p democrm > /home/synnet/democrm_backup.sql

dump or backup just a certain table in da database..table name is invoice inside database democrm
mysqldump -u root -p democrm invoice > /home/synnet/invoice_backup.sql

backup all database inside server
mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases > /home/synnet/alldbase_backup.sql

restore database..database name is democrm
mysql -u root -p democrm < /home/democrm/democrm_backup.sql

to restore a database that already exists..
mysqlimport -u root -p democrm democrm_backup.sql

reference :

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caliph shuriken said...

dh lama tinggal database ni, huh...


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