Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PHP graph and charts..

Meh cni kita sharing caring info on php to create a charts and graph in php..

Dalam php programming, kita bole buat chart and graph untuk represent report yg kita generate from table inside the database. Ada macam2 jenis graph and charts yg kita bole cipta contohnya..line,column,bar,pie,area,scatter,polar and also composite chart..jadi pilih chart or graph bersesuaian dgn report anda..

Sebelom pilih mana2 chart tu,baca dulu tutorial yg disediakan..baca info sampai benar2 paham then we proceed..follow step by step to create the chart..contoh,saya follow this link, to create my chart..kat cni saya lebih mudah paham..:)

Dekat link nie,semua info disediakan,hanya baca dan pahamkan..kat bawah saya ada highlight yg mana penting iaitu basic info, requirement and download..lepas dah folow this 3 step then we can create our own charts and graph.


1. Download XML/SWF Charts, decompress the download package, and place the following files in the same directory anywhere on your web server:

* charts.swf
* charts_library
* AC_RunActiveContent.js
* sample.html
* sample.xml

2. Download - XML/SWF Charts 5.111
Pick any package below to download XML/SWF Charts:

* charts.sit - 444K
* charts.tgz - 428K
* - 435K

-kene download ini package dulu.

3. Requirements (Keperluan)
XML/SWF Charts requires a web browser with Flash Player 10 or later.
-kene install ini flash player la,baru chart or graph bole display..

Ni contoh link yg saya refer untuk buat graf

ini contoh column chart

Pie chart
Bar chart

Kat cni saya share another link yg bole buat further reference..

free :)

kene bayar rasanya..;p

**saya pon masih belajar nie...kalo ada mau share info,why nott!!;p..later saya akan share pasal php calendar plak..:)

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